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Wondershare Filmora offers standard cutting, editing, and compression, as well as the results we have been waiting for video-level video editing software. From our last look, the company has added some of the most advanced and current features such as those found in the established competitors — now offering us tracking, for example. Filmora can get the job done, and its interface is clear and fun, but you will have to do it without the good control you get from competitors.

Wondershare Filmora

How much does Wondershare Filmora cost?

Filmora offers you a free download trial, which allows you to post videos only 10 times and embellish the Filmora logo on your posted projects. When you pay, Filmora offers you a subscription model (as Adobe does in Premiere Pro). For one thing, you can obtain a permanent license. Both macOS and Windows versions cost $34.99 per year or $51.99 per direct purchase (note that these prices are usually discounted). That’s the Lowest than what you pay for the best Adobe Premiere Elements in the market, only $99.98, or CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate, at $136.99 (with a subscription option of $36 per year). When Filmora meets your needs, it gives you a decent price.

Paying for any of the Filmora licenses gets you more results that you can apply to your video projects, removes watermarks, and adds 24/7 technical support. New result collections are also added monthly to subscribing customers. I fully tested the Windows software, I used Filmora on macOS in this review; two of the versions are looking very similar.

The software, robust in support of older operating system versions, can run on Windows 7 to 10, or macOS 10.7 to 11. Support new Apple Silicon M1 processors by Rosetta 2; while native support may be good, Filmora is ahead of Movavi in this regard, as the latter failed to work on my M1 MacBook Air in the test. Filmora has downloaded 800MB on my test PC, which is in the middle of this type of software. But Adobe Premiere Pro takes 3.2GB, while Movavi Video Editor+ requires only 284MB.

Wondershare Filmora Text and Title Impact

Wondershare Filmora

Adding titles and text is a quick fix, and Filmora includes more than 200 well-designed texts and theme templates, some with good animation. Even the most sophisticated title templates are arranged right in the preview window. If you want to customize more, the Advanced Text editing box lets you change the animation, font, and color complement of your text.

One thing that is missing is the ability of PowerDirector and Premiere Elements to apply video filters to your text, but you can use an image, which is excellent. In addition to the text, you can choose from a good selection of materials and textures that you can cover in your movie.

Wondershare Filmora Music & Sound

Wondershare Filmora

The Filmora music category includes 172 background tracks, which you can add by adding your own music files. Mixed music is organized into categories such as Young & Bright and Tender & Sentimental. But there is no power to integrate them automatically as you do in Premiere Elements. The full audio mixer allows you to adjust the volume of each track and its elasticity. Dragging timeline audio forms up and down makes it easy to make audio. You can remove the background sound and set up a swim, but you do not get acoustic effects that mimic concert halls and other facilities similar to those in PowerDirector.

Two new tools marked beta, Auto Normalization, and Finding Peace. You get a Denoise checkbox, but not as powerful as audio tools in Adobe and CyberLink products. On the other hand, one handy audio tool, a microphone button below the video preview window, allows you to easily record audio.

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